Qinglin Seat-Sail to Welcome New Year

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Qinglin Chair participated in the 12th Welcome New Year's walk in Nanchang to celebrate the great changes in the city. Qinglin seats provide high-quality seats for forklifts, agricultural machinery, lawn mowers and engineering vehicles, and are committed to contributing to the development of Nanchang.

Qinglin Seat-Sail to Welcome New Year



The 12th Nanchang Welcome New Year's walk was successfully completed on December 31, 2023,

citizens stepped onto the fuxing bridge one after another,

greet the arrival of the new year with a warm pace,

Witness the earth-shaking changes in the city of Nanchang.



Statistics show that as of around 14:00,

More than 151000 citizens gathered at the event,

A large healthy walking team was formed.

At 6:30 a.m., there was already a hustle and bustle on both sides of the Fuxing Bridge,

The citizens gathered together to show the vigor and vitality of Nanchang citizens.

Whether it's a gray-haired old man or a young man in his prime,

They are all bathed in the heat wave of this welcome celebration, and jointly write a new chapter in Nanchang city.



As a member of Nanchang,

"Qinglin Seat Manufacturing Co., Ltd" also actively participated in and supported the event.

We make our own professional forklift seats, agricultural machinery seats, mower seats and engineering vehicle seats for the development of the city.

The company's representatives had a cordial exchange with the citizens,

Share the product advantages of Qinglin Seat and its commitment to providing excellent seating solutions.



Qinglin Seats has been committed to providing customers with comfortable, safe and high-quality seat products.

Our products are not only highly praised in the forklift industry,

Also widely used in agriculture, landscape and engineering fields.

The company has advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality control system,

Ensure that every seat meets the highest standards.



By participating in this walking activity,

we deeply feel the vitality and development momentum of nanchang city.

In the future, Qinglin seats will continue to adhere to the concept of "quality, innovation and service,

Continuously improve product quality,Meet customer needs,

Contribute to the prosperity of Nanchang.

Thank you for your support and attention,

Looking forward to working with you to witness the bright future of Nanchang!