KL Seating丨Sailing into the New Year

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KL Seating actively participated in the 12th Annual New Year's Walk Event in Nanchang, celebrating the city's tremendous transformation. KL Seating, a provider of high-quality seats for forklifts, agricultural machinery, lawnmowers, and construction vehicles, is dedicated to contributing to the development of Nanchang.

KL Seating丨Sailing into the New Year



The 12th Annual New Year's Walk Event in Nanchang concluded successfully on December 31, 2023.

Citizens gathered on the Fuxing Bridge,

walking across to measure the city's new landmark,

witnessing the remarkable transformation of Nanchang.







According to statistics, by around 2:00 PM,

more than 151,000 citizens had joined the event,

forming a massive and healthy walking procession.

As early as 6:30 AM, both sides of the Fuxing Bridge were bustling with people from all walks of life,

showcasing the vibrancy and vitality of Nanchang's residents.

Whether elderly with silver hair, young individuals in their prime, or charming young ladies,

everyone was immersed in the festive atmosphere, contributing to a collective celebration of the city's spirit.






As a proud participant, "KL Seating Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,"

actively engaged and supported this grand celebration.

We, as part of Nanchang, interacted warmly with citizens,

sharing the advantages of KL Seating's products

and our commitment to providing excellent seating solutions.





KL Seating has consistently strived to deliver comfortable, secure, and high-quality seating products.

Widely acclaimed in the forklift industry,

our seats are also extensively utilized in agriculture, landscaping, and construction sectors.

With advanced manufacturing technology and a stringent quality control system,

we ensure that every seat meets the highest standards.






Participating in this walking event,

we keenly felt the dynamism and momentum of Nanchang's development.

Looking forward, KL Seating will continue adhering to the principles of "Quality, Innovation, and Service,"

continuously improving product quality, meeting customer needs,

and contributing to the prosperity of Nanchang.

Thank you for your support and attention;

we anticipate jointly witnessing a bright future for Nanchang!